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It’s been a while

Happy new year to everyone!! It’s 2014 and I want to wish everyone all the best and may all your wishes come true soon!

It has really been quite a while since I last wrote here. It isn’t because nothing has been happening in my life but rather a change in my thinking and having wonderful people around me.

I guess it isn’t easy to keep up with all the things I want to do! Work, lessons, family, friends and your everyday worries. Things are going fine though!

If I have time and feel like it, maybe I should pen down my thoughts for the last 3 months of 2013.

Right now it’s off to dreamland and back to reality tomorrow morning.

Let’s have a good start to the week!

Good night world.


Back to reality

Been on MC and thus not having gone to work for a whole week has let me rest but at the same time, feeling kind of low. The pain in my foot kept me awake for the early parts of the week and it’s terrible. Swelling has subsided a lot now but there is still a little pain. Gout is the cause of this and I have to avoid red meat, bean stuff and no alcohol for me for a long time.

Friday night was the best day of the week. TMS group went to Coastal Settlement for dinner and had a ktv session at pasir ris till 1am. It has been a long time since we did smth like this.

Back to work on Monday. I hope things will go well at work. Many things haven’t been going my way recently. Sometimes I still do get bothered by the fact that extremely few people actually initiate a conversation with me first. Oh well.

I need to rest up for the coming week. Hope to be able to find someone to go with me to STGCC.


Worn out

Where is my energy?! It’s been days and I’m still feeling very exhausted since last week. Breathing isn’t easy, which makes talking not as easy as well.

I think I’ve gotten used to my work somewhat since it’s becoming more of a routine now and it’s up to me to find more challenges to take up along the way.

The long weekends is about the only thing I’m looking forward to right now. I seriously need to rest and also to find someone to watch Wolverine with. Most of my friends have watched or have plans set already, sad.

Well, guess I’ve been right all along, in her eyes and many of their eyes, I’m a brother/sister to them. Laughable. Moving forward! Not much of a choice anyway.

Pondering about a trip, but should I? Maybe I should just spend the money on some games and spend more time with my family? I’m really spending A LOT of time with my family at home, much unlike my brother who has so many activities. Partly due to the fact that he isn’t single. LOL.

Searching, I’m still searching. Made a new contact but no response yet so we shall see.

Being reliant on friends is sometimes a bad thing, when they are busy with other stuff, you’d feel a little lost. Iceman shall rely on Totoro and vice versa!

I can’t even be bothered to organise my thoughts recently, hence the very messed up post. Apologies to whoever reading it!

On my way to work now, feeling very sleepy.


Sickly weekend

It really sucks to be sick!!! I’ve missed out on outings and had to cancel my appointment with a very good friend of mine all because I’m too weak to go anywhere. Hope I’d recover soon or work would be really straining from Monday onwards. I’ve probably tired myself out too much for the past 2 weeks and haven’t been sleeping well.

There are games to look forward to from August all the way till February next year but they don’t seem to give me the same level of satisfaction as before.

I’ve been contemplating on whether or not I should visit Japan again this year and October is a tempting period. I shall see how things go.

The Game of Thrones is really good by the way. Some scenes are very gruesome and disturbing but overall it’s a fantastic TV series.

Wolverine and a number of other good movies are out recently and I sure do hope that I can get someone to watch them with me!

What should I do next weekend and on the long weekend coming up? Hope I won’t be activated!

This post is truly random. LOL.

Hoping that all my friends and family would be healthy always.


















Public holidays

Public holidays became much more important after I’ve started working as compared to when I was a student. The extra leisure/resting time makes a huge difference on both our minds and bodies. No matter how much I like my job, a little rest and some more time to myself is always appreciated. 2 public holidays in May and it feels great. It’s been a real long time since I’ve been able to spend more than 12 hours enjoying myself on the PS3.

This long weekend also allows me to meet some friends whom I’ve not seen for a long time… I’m going to make full use of this weekend to recharge and enjoy myself a little bit.

Looking forward to business trips to Batam and JB next week! I sure hope things will turn out fine!

In June, I’d be going for Jay Chou’s convert!!! Woohoo! Can’t wait!

I shall continue enjoying The Walking Dead experience in the morning!


Work is fun

March and April have been treating me rather well. My efforts at work are paying off slowly but steadily. Having achieved my targets both last month and this month is kind of an encouragement! Work life is no doubt tiring, with a lot less than for myself as compared to when I was a student but so far, I have been enjoying it. 🙂 Being able to meet people from different walks of life always makes me look forward to work. There are many nice people and some not so nice ones but all the experiences with them are valuable lessons in my opinion. The recent business trip to Indonesia was yet another interesting and fresh experience for me. My boss told me earlier this evening that I would probably be going to Bintan/Batam for a 1-2 days business trip next month! Believe it or not, I have not been there before in my life so I guess it would be fun for me!

It is nice to see some people’s attitude and receptiveness change as they see the effort you put in over time. When you get recognition at work, it really lifts your mood. Recognition from your boss or customers or anyone you meet in your line of work would definitely be a positive push to your motivation. Well, I guess I am stating the obvious but yeah, I am grateful that I have found a job that allows me to do what I like and putting one of strengths to good use. Meeting new faces, ensuring effective communication and maintaining a healthy working relationship with them is something that I enjoy and I am so glad I made this choice when I did.

The end of May would mark my first year in the workforce and from now on, I will do my best to achieve my personal goals as well as the targets and objectives expected by my boss! My working life/career is just beginning and I sure do hope for the best!

Right now, my proficiency in the Japanese language is still far from what I aim to achieve but I guess this process can’t be accelerated much. I’d be taking the JLPT in July for the first time! It’s only the N3 level so I must pass the paper!

Tomorrow, I am going over to JB again and would be meeting some new people along with some fantastic individuals I met last month. Hope that there would be new opportunities!

Really worn out this week so I should really get to bed soon. Good night world.


Attached > Single

I had a great meet up with Ruimin and Nicole last night and it was a long time since we had a catch up session. One thing that’s still on my mind is about relationship problems they talked about and how you can be sadder and cry more when you’re attached than when you’re single.

As my title suggests, I strongly believe that having someone by your side is always better than being alone. There’re so many examples in the world to prove this. Extremely few choose to remain alone all their life. Humans seek companionship and this need/desire is often stronger than our needs and wants for other things. You may see some people complain about the many problems with their boyfriend/girlfriend but they still want to be with them don’t they?

You may have more problems as a couple but you also have double the happiness and someone who loves you and to rely on by your side. If you think you’re better off alone, think again. You just want to be alone for a short while and believe me, loneliness isn’t something you want to carry around with you.

Having someone you care motivates you in many ways. You’d think of how to make your partner happy and also expect him/her to do the same. One would have more drive in life for your career, personal life and would put in effort to form strong bonds with your partner’s family too.

I’ve heard many complains about partners not doing things you expect them to do. For example, you want them to contact you regularly but they do not reach your expected frequency. This is just a problem that you have to fix or get used to. No matter the frequency, you do know that you have someone there. As for singles like myself, you have NO ONE there for you. That is seriously saddening sometimes.

I probably should focus on my job and just enjoy my life doing what I want during this part of my life. Having no experience with relationships, I don’t if what I say would be convincing for anyone. Deep down, I know what I am prepared to do for my future partner if I ever have one. Some friends would doubt me and say things like: “you don’t know what it’s like. You can say this because you have not experienced the problems before.” Well, I can’t deny that but I haven’t got a chance to prove myself and only few know me well enough to understand what I’d do for someone.

The main thing that I would like to say is that for those attached, please do treasure what you have. For if you lose it, you’d probably regret it and feel the true sadness of solitude.

Now this may be out of point but my experiences have taught me that kindness and niceness can get you nothing. Being taken for granted and having the feeling of being made used of is common I would say. Be it friends, girls or guys, I can say I have quite a bit of experience with this.

Friends who are attached, I believe you would have realised that I haven’t been contacting you as much as compared to when you were single. Go spend more time with your partner, they’re the only one who can be with you throughout the later part of your life. Who would go through thick and thin with you. A friend can only do that much, crossing some lines would do more harm than good.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough for some reason. Other times, I am very confident. Maybe both are true, I am confident that I am not good enough for now. LOL.

Let’s see where life takes me. I really wish I can find someone soon. It’d make my family and my grandma very happy.